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Outdoor fun all day long. Fit, happy, fulfilled kids guaranteed. 

We run school holiday activity camps that blend physical challenges with mindful, educational countryside activities.  We have a fantastic camp location on an idyllic farm near Haslemere. We also explore the local woods and waterways.

Every day of camp life is filled fun and adventure. From dawn until dusk we’ll be kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, exploring nature, trying out traditional crafts, listening to music round the campfire and much, much more. Our immersive rural experiences are a respite from the suburban and the indoors, from technology and from sedentary lifestyles. 

The end result is happy children with fond memories and a wonderful appreciation of nature and the countryside.





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We provide a range of fantastic activities at our idyllic farm location near Haslemere and on the local waterways. From kayaking and mountain biking to outdoor games and traditional crafts, our camps are filled with fun and adventure for all! 

kids with their homegrown vegetables
  • Sleep in a bell tent: experience the fun and warmth of a camping environment with friends old and new.
  • Build a campfire: marshmallows, popcorn and hot chocolate included!
  • Go mountain biking: cycle through fields and woods. Stop for a picnic!
  • Hike your way through nature: experience life at a slower pace. Meet the resident sheep or take an evening stroll to spot bats.
  • Try traditional crafts: flake home-grown grains to create your own rich muesli mix, and much more.
  • Paddle on the local river: kayak, canoe or build a raft. Discover aquatic wildlife on a trip down placid, winding canals.
  • Off-site adventures: enjoy the water and ‘beach’ at Frensham Ponds, paddle in the river at Tilford or hike around the National Trust’s Devil’s Punch Bowl.
  • Relax with traditional games: After a day of activity, take part in rounders, volleyball, sack races, tug-of-war, tandem bikes, and more!
  • Mindful downtime: if you’ve had enough physical adventure, try mosaic-making, drawing, painting, clay modelling or story writing to share round the camp fire later. 

What makes our camps different?

  • Balanced programme: We blend action-packed physical challenges with slower, mindful, educational activities to provide an all-round, well-balanced countryside experience that will enhance all aspects of your child’s development.
  • Whole season project: We’re really keen to build summer-long projects that all our campers can contribute to if they wish. We’ll spend the summer growing vegetables (children can take home the final produce!) and documenting the natural diversity of the local fields, woods and rivers. Children can take part in the data recording, create illustrations, find out facts or contribute in any way they choose.
  • A magical location: Our camp is in a beautiful field bordered by woodland and sheep-grazed fields, set in tranquility away from any private residences and roads. Each year we’re delighted by new finds – in 2023 we discovered crayfish in the local river!
  • Special guests and activities: We partner with local craftspeople to run sessions on activities such as mosaic-making and whittling. In 2024, we also hope to host local musicians for music evenings round the campfire.
  • Inclusivity: We know that the real key to the happiness of children is how they interact with each other. That’s why we set out clear boundaries and expectations for total inclusiveness at the start of the week. We’re on hand to provide coaching in consideration and support throughout your child’s stay.
  • Flexi-stay option: We know that adjusting to a new location, new adults and new children can be a big ask. That’s why we offer your child the chance to start by joining us for a day and staying overnight if/when they feel comfortable.
  • No devices: We want your kids to fully immerse themselves in camp life and the natural rhythms of the countryside. The children won’t have any electronic devices at the camp. If children bring them, then we’ll look after them. But of course, we’ll always make sure children can ring home.

2024 Dates

  • 28 – 30 May (2 nights)
  • 7-13 July (6 nights)
  • 14 – 20 July (6 nights)
  • 21-27 July (6 nights)
  • 28 July – 3 August (6 nights)
  • 4 – 10 August (6 nights)
  • 27 August to 1 September (5 nights)

2024 Prices

  • 1/2/3 nights £120 per night  
  • 4 nights  £460  
  • 5 nights  £540  
  • 6 nights  £590 
We offer a flexi-stay approach if required. Your child can book on a day camp and switch to stay overnight if/when ready. Contact us for options.

How it works

Surrey Hills and Rivers was founded in 2020 by Ben, whose own childhood was steeped in the English countryside. A former green beret in the Royal Marines and a father of three, the purpose of his team is to provide the magic of time in the countryside in some respite from the suburban and the indoors, from technology and from sedentary lifestyles.

On our summer camps, every day will be filled with the fun, challenges and minor chores of an outdoor camping environment. The children will be physically active, increasing their appreciation of the countryside, and most importantly experiencing fulfilment and creating special memories with friends new and old.

We are a specially selected team of experienced adults and parents who share the Surrey Hills and Rivers ethos, but we also pride ourselves on recruiting some of the wonderful young people that we know, or that we have come to know on our camps, to help us make sure every child is happy and involved at all times.

Our camp is located at Furnace Place Estate near Haslemere (GU27 2EX).  The camp is set in a beautiful field bordered by woodland and sheep-grazed fields, set in tranquility away from any private residences and roads. 

Our camps typically number between 10 and 30 children, in the age range 8-13 years (with flexibility on the upper limit especially for children returning and siblings of younger guests). 

When we know it’s going to work best, we’ll split the group for activities, between the younger ones and the older ones (eg. Year 7+), to reflect their relative maturity. 

The children will at all times be in the near vicinity of an adult with first aid training.  Overnight our staff will be camped in close proximity to the group, where they can be available at any time for any reason. 

Where the activities involve paddlesports or similar, our staff team are not just experienced instructors, adults and parents, but they also have suitable national governing body qualifications and experience. 

Children will stay in very spacious bell tents of at least a 5m diameter.  Typically we will have about 4 children per bell tent of the same gender and similar age, however the bell tents have a much larger capacity than that, therefore there is plenty of room and we can adjust numbers slightly to accommodate any children that know each other.  

Along with those normal assumptions, we will ensure that every child has a sleeping arrangement that they are happy with, taking particular care of the many children who do not come to the camp with other children that they already know.  Existing friendship groups will be able to thoroughly enjoy the experience together, but everyone will be integrated into a single seamless group from the very outset, in fact this is the first and most important accomplishment for the group.  

The children will be provided with a roll mat which will sit on an integral groundsheet in the bell tent.  They will provide their own sleeping bags or duvets, and pillows (although we will have some spares).  

Children will be expected to be considerate of fellow campers – we will ensure that everyone is getting the sleep that they need so that every day is magic, not just the first one! 

The children will be well nourished with 3 healthy meals per day plus suitable snacks, with a range available to help accommodate any fervent dislikes – and of course with full attention to any special dietary requirements and any allergies that are notified to us. The key themes will be a healthy, balanced diet that takes into account the weather conditions and the activity levels and the use of fresh, local produce as far as possible.

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