We deliver on our raison d’etre and ambition through 10 core outdoor activities from various bases across Surrey during school term and holidays.  Our paddlesport adventures are mainly on the Wey River and Navigation and the Basingstoke Canal.  Our land activities and holiday camps are mainly in the Haslemere area.


Camp fires and nights under the stars.  Happy chatter, glowing faces, dewy mornings...

Nature studies

Learn much more about the plants and wildlife around us, why they are important and how we rely on them or can use them. The more we know about nature, the more interesting the subject becomes and the more we start to care about it.

Round the camp fire

Learn different ways to start a fire and techniques to nurture and sustain them. Learn ways to cook on them. Enjoy the company of your peers round the camp fire - just bring your own personality whether quiet or loud, and enjoy the flickering warmth.

Treasure hunting and orienteering

In teams create your own maps or use ours, and hide treasure for your peers or find ours. On and around the beautiful natural settings of our sites.


Challenge yourself to a proper hike, or take a nature or history sightseeing journey, night or day. Develop your map reading skills perhaps. Just the joy of a long walk in company, in the hills, along the rivers. Choose your spot for your picnic or snack.


Ideal for games and the longest journeys. Develop a paddling skill that might one day have you racing 120 miles from Devizes to Westminster overnight, or attempting waterfalls and rapids.

Raft building

Build some rafts together, float them (hopefully) and keep them afloat (hopefully) on ponds and lagoons while making some short journeys and playing some games with the other rafts.

Stand up paddleboarding

Tranquil journeys on the rivers and canals, ideal for conversation and taking in the natural world. Easy to master and control, easy to cool off in the river if need be too!


Ideal for games, longer journeys, pairing up. Develop a paddling skill that might one day give you the confidence to explore the great British countryside by water.

Mountain biking

Grab some mountain bikes and take on some challenges while exploring one of our sites as well as private, traffic-free land and bridleways in the vicinity.

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